EDUC 5343 - Classical Education and the Paideia of God

This course explores the role of the trivium and the quadrivium in classical education and their relationship to the Paideia of God. Students will define the components of the trivium, the quadrivium, and paideia and search for Scriptural evidence of each. Through Socratic Discussion, students will have an opportunity to verbalize their understanding and the meaning of these terms in conversation. A brief review of the history of ancient education will bring context to the discussion and an opportunity to compare and contrast the basic components of modern, classical, and classical Christian education, and how they add or detract meaning to the paideia of God. In addition, this course will explore truth, beauty, and imagination, their contribution to the paideia of God, and their contribution to a proper assessment of a child’s academic abilities, as they both contribute to a lifelong love of learning.

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