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Beauty for Truth's Sake


What effect should truth have on education?

Audience Parents and adults
Accessibility College-level reading
Preparation None required
Ease of Use Small print
Author Stratford Caldecott
Page Count 156
Format Perfect bound; paperback
Publication Date 2009

General Description

Beauty for Truth’s Sake is a call for educational reform, an appeal to beauty in mathematics, a reminder of God’s creativity, and a celebration of mystery all rolled into one. Join anthropologist and theologian Stratford Caldecott as he reasons through the beauty, balance, and brilliance of integrating faith and science.

For parents of Challenge III students, Beauty for Truth’s Sake carries extra weight. As Challenge III students contemplate the consequences and implications—both good and bad—of what they encounter, readers of Beauty for Truth’s Sake can contemplate what effect truth should have on education. How can we see beauty in every subject God has created? Does doing so change the way we think?