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General Product Questions

Does CC offer everything needed for my child's classical homeschool education? 

Can I sell back my books when we no longer need them? 

I think I may have found an error in one of your products. What should I do?

Where can I find the errata sheet for a particular product?

Product-specific Questions

Why do I need to provide my director’s name in order to purchase the Essentials of English Language (EEL) Guide?

Are the Classical Acts & Facts Artists and Composers cards family-friendly?

Will students be assessed on the Classical Acts & Facts Artists and Composers as part of the Memory Master timeline?

What is the Foundations Spanish-language supplement?

¿Qué es el Suplemento en idioma español?

Is it necessary to buy IEW's teacher training course (TWSS), or could I just buy the Student Writing Intensive?

If I get one of IEW’s theme-based writing lessons books, do I need to purchase the teacher’s training course?

Will the Trivium at the Table: Geography placemats be used in community?

Why does Tanglewood Tales use Roman names for the classic myths?

Why are Challenge B students reading mythology?

Hawthorne can be pretty dense reading. Are Challenge B students ready for Tanglewood Tales?

Does Exploring the World through Cartography replace the DK Atlas?

Where is the Jim Davis card in set 3 of the Artists and Composers cards?

Which Latin Workspace(s) will I need for my Challenge student?

Ordering, Shipping, and Returns


Can I place my order over the phone?

Whom do I contact with questions about my order?

What happens if some of the items I order are on back order?

What if I am a tax-exempt customer?

How can I cancel part or all of my order?

How can I add items to my order?

My address information is incorrect. How can I change it?

How can I check the status of my order? (Order tracking)

How long does it take to process my order?


What shipping options do you offer?

How do I qualify for free shipping?

Do you ship items overseas to International addresses?

Return Policy

What is your exchange policy?

What is your return policy?

How do I return my materials?

Do you provide prepaid return labels for returns and exchanges?

What happens if my return is not approved?

What if my item is damaged when it arrives?

When can I expect my refund?