Foundations Curriculum, Fifth Edition

The Foundations Curriculum, Fifth Edition, is at the printer for proofing as we speak. The 2018 catalog just arrived at the office and is being shipped out to all of our 2,500 communities in preparation for this year’s homeschool conventions and practicum season. We are finishing our 20th anniversary and are starting the spring with over 117,000 seats filled in Classical Conversations communities, and we are preparing for additional international expansion. So we are a little busy right now!

I know that many of you are excited and also nervous about the new Foundations materials, and Leigh was literally combing through it and making final improvements the morning we sent it to the proofers.  We expect to ship pre-orders in April, so order today to ensure that you get the new curriculum early. We are very aware that you and your children have diligently memorized the memory pegs and we have done our best to keep them the same. The timeline has not changed. We are now memorizing multiplication tables up to 15. We’ve taken six years of your feedback, reviewed it and made thousands of improvements. We could have made more changes, we could have made fewer, but we believe that we have made the right changes to ensure your continued success as a homeschooler, as well as dramatically improved the layout of the weekly information.

Unlike some other homeschool companies, we are all homeschoolers—I grew up in a single-income family—and we do our best to keep prices reasonable and give options for every budget. For those in their final year of Foundations, we will have a list of relevant changes for you for Cycle 1. I’d expect that once you see the new Foundations Curriculum that you will want it, but we want to make sure that we do everything we reasonably can to accommodate you if you just need to focus your financial resources elsewhere this year.

We are very excited for the year ahead and welcome you to join us on this journey to “know God and to make Him known.”  I hope to see you at a practicum this summer!

Peace be with you,

Robert Bortins