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Foundations Fifth Edition

Please pre-order only items listed below in the Fifth Edition collection. All items ordered on this page will be shipped in April. If you need additional items beyond the new Fifth Edition and the updated Cycle 1 products, please place those as a separate order.  Also note that any items included in your cart with the Foundations Curriculum, Fifth Edition, on a pre-order, will ship together in April.  Other items may be subject to shipping charges.


Please Note: 
The President Trump card will automatically be included with the Foundations Curriculum, Fifth Edition for those who order it by April 30th. This card will be available to purchase as a standalone for $1 for those who may not purchase the 5th Edition. The new card will also be added to the Classical Acts & Facts® History Cards: Modern World timeline set on its next printing (and its inclusion will then be indicated on
the cover of the set).