Time flies when you are having fun or when you have two children under 2-and-half-years-old. I’m just starting my homeschool journey as a parent, after being homeschooled all my life. This month Classical Conversations is mentioned in Forbes magazine as an educational disruptor.  I think back to the basement of our home in Winston-Salem in 1997 when 11 of us started the first Challenge program.  I think CC will always be a disruptor in education, because we truly believe that God gives children to parents as a blessing and to raise them up in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.” We also believe that parents are primarily responsible for their children’s education, not professional educators, and that CC’s job is to empower parents to teach their children well.

This summer we have over 540 Parent Practicums scheduled across the United States and the globe.  Our signature summer event is for you the parents: To encourage you, help equip you with the tools of learning and to refresh you for the upcoming school year.  Each summer we receive testimonies from parents who attend these events and see education in a new light for the first time.

You can find your local book representative at these events and take advantage of free shipping and our other discount programs.  Growing up, we were a single-income homeschool family with four boys, so we understand the need for quality products at a reasonable price, and that is why all our products are made here in America. They are created by homeschooling moms and dads who have dedicated their lives to understanding Christian, classical education in order to serve you.

It is an honor for me that you have considered Classical Conversations as a partner in your homeschool journey.  Homeschooling isn’t easy, but it is infinitely worth it.  The things of lasting value in life are always hard-won. The amount of effort, prayer and persistence you bring to your home school are far more important than your educational or socio-economic background. The research continually shows that those who truly commit to homeschool their children do so successfully, regardless of education or finances. 

Classical Conversations is not the only educational disruptor here, because you are also educational and cultural disruptors, as long as you are committed to serving our Lord first and foremost. I urge you to remain committed to educating your children and raising them up as a new generation with a vision “to know God and to make Him known.”