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Math Problems and Solutions Guide


Practice for math comprehension

Audience Provides extra math practice for students in all levels, from Foundations to Challenge IV. Great for summer review!
Accessibility Mature reading level but clearly written.
Preparation Recommended to accompany Understanding Mathematics: From Counting to Calculus.
Ease of use Lessons are found in Understanding Mathematics. Students will need to flip between the two books to review concepts while they work the problems in the first half of the book. Solutions are included in the second half of the book.
Author David Scheinker & Keith Kressin
Page Count 305
Format Softcover
Publication Date 2009

General Description

Written to complement the explanations provided in Understanding Mathematics: From Counting to Calculus, the books may be used as a supplement or independent core curriculum. This textbook provides problem sets that are aligned with the sections explained in From Counting to Calculus; over 10,000 problems and solutions provided.