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Repairing the Ruins


Create a better learning system for your children

Audience Parents and adults
Accessibility College-level reading
Preparation None required
Ease of Use Regular print
Author Marlin Detweiler, Tom Garfield, Douglas Jones, Jim Nance, Chris Schlect, Tom Spencer, Douglas Wilson (Editor)
Page Count 270
Format Perfect bound; paperback
Publication Date 1996

General Description

Repairing the Ruins makes the case that classical, Christian education best fulfills and prepares students to succeed not just in this world, but also in the next. With an accessible and inspiring style, Repairing the Ruins gives parents the tools and ideas they need to craft a curriculum that will begin repairing the ruins of modern educational philosophy.

Repairing the Ruins also provides a great way for parents to discuss consequences with their Challenge III students. What effects have past education had on present generations? What kinds of change can we expect to see if education is reformed in a way based on truth?