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Classical Conversations Program(s): Foundations, Scribblers

“In 1990, Jim Brewster put his sons, Ben and Luke, to bed each night with an “Uncle Rocky, Fireman” story. During each story, they enjoyed making truck engine sounds, blasting the siren, and testing the air horn. They also developed hand and body motions and pantomimed getting dressed for the fire. However, the best part of each story was at the end when they mimicked Uncle Rocky as he said, “Glad to do it!” It was great fun then and we hope as you listen to this CD it will continue as great fun for you and your children. The stories are completely free of any bad behavior and the characters like and enjoy each other.”

1: Fire 7:39
2: Fire Academy 6:21
3: Fire Station 7:34
4: First Alarm 5:01
5: Something’s Missing 7:25
6: Sparky’s Rescue 7:49
7: Sparky Protects 6:42
8: Market Meltdown 6:08
9: Picnic 7:42
10: Missy 7:25
11: The Man in the Jacket 5:41
12: First On Scene 7:55
13: Danger in the Field 7:34
14 Jaws of Life 8:17
15: School Visit 7:37
16: Stop, Drop, and Roll 5:06
17: Face Mask 7:19
18: The Boot That Made Money 8:08
19: I Smell Smoke 6:11
20: Safe at Home 8:04
21: Tire Dump 12:09
22: The USCG Strike Team 7:40
Total Listening Time: 2 Hours 42 Minutes

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