Una guía para padres acerca de la educación clásica (A Dad’s Guide to Classical Education – Spanish Translation)


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Why did CCMM create this product?

Classical Conversations Multimedia produced Una guía para padres acerca de la educación clásica for dads who need a working knowledge of classical education and homeschooling, but who also want a concise overview instead of a long explanation. Written to be read in under a half hour, the guide answers the questions dads ask most often!

How is this classical?

This book provides a simple yet full picture of the classical model of education; the goal is to help dads understand the basic tenets of the classical model so that they can see the value of learning by this method and participate in family learning alongside their children.

How is this Christian?

Classical Conversations holds that children are created in the Divine Image; we believe the purpose of education is to know God and to make Him known. This resource helps fathers understand how to love and nurture their children, shepherding their hearts as well as their minds.

How is this used in community?

This is not a resource used in community; however, the principles contained can show dads the value of community for their children and their entire families. This resource provides an easy way for dads to get “in on” what their families are investing in!

  • Una guía para padres acerca de la educación clásica uses an easy-to-read approachable tone to welcome dads into the classical education community. Slightly sarcastic in tone, it is “by a dad, for dads.”
  • The guide addresses some of the questions asked by dads most often.
  • The guide gives husbands an easy way to understand the classical model their wives are employing as they participate in Classical Conversations communities; it also encourages dads’ participation and makes it easy to see how to become more involved.
  • Graphics that appeal to a dad’s need for “evidence” that supports the claims of classical education.

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