New for 5th Edition! A big, bold, beautiful introduction to world geography. Cycle 2

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Recommended in Program(s): Foundations, Scribblers
Cycle(s): Cycle 2

Want bigger maps? Our popular Trivium at the Table placemats are back, now revised to better serve your family’s needs! Each 11” x 17” placemat is double-sided, so the TWO placemats includes all FOUR maps for the current cycle at the equivalent of $3.00 per map. High-quality lamination and rounded edges enable young children to learn geography while they snack and play at home, and tutors can use them every week in community.

    • 11 x 17 placemats, laminated, double-sided
    • 2 placemats (1 each of blackline masters and color keys)
    • © 2019

What families are saying:

""I bought the Trivium Table Placemats that are working great for geography learning. …I absolutely love to see them become familiar with a world map. Geography is doable for them, not intimidating. I am even thankful for becoming more literate with world geography."" —One Minute Learner

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