Through Russian Snows - Jim Hodges Audiobook

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Classical Conversations Program(s): Foundations, Scribblers

Correlating Cycle(s): 2

In 1812, Napoleon invaded Russia. Two brothers, diligent Frank and carefree Julian, end up on different sides of the conflict! Napoleon’s army of 500,000 defeat the Russians at Smolensk and Borodino, but wait too long after entering a deserted Moscow for Russia’s capitulation, which never comes. Retreat is the only option and a mere fifth of the army survive. Frank and Julian meet in Moscow under unexpected circumstances; one as the aid-de-camp to Sir Robert Wilson, the other having rescued the child of a Russian nobleman.

1. Two Brothers 36:56
2. Before the Justices 33:10
3. In A Fresh Scrape 35:26
4. The Smuggler’s Cave 32:45
5. Following A Trail 34:44
6. A Commission 37:26
7. A French Prison 32:50
8. Pistol Practice 35:53
9. A Duel 35:18
10. Smolensk 35:41
11. With the Russian Army 34:00
12. Borodino Part 1 28:59
13. Borodino Part 2 29:29
14. With the Rear Guard 39:16
15. Ney’s Retreat Part 1 27:55
16. Ney’s Retreat Part 2 29:51
17. In Comfortable Quarters 35:43
18. An Unexpected Meeting Part 1 29:09
19. An Unexpected Meeting Part 2 29:39

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