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Tarjetas de historia de Classical Acts & Facts Artistas y Compositores (Spanish Artist/Composers combined set)


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Why did CCMM create this product?

This product was created to reinforce the Hands-on Fine Arts component for families participating in the Foundations program within Classical Conversations local communities. This product may also be used for Essentials students to write paragraphs alongside the IEW Teaching Writing Structure and Style Curriculum.

How is this classical?

This product is classical because it builds on and complements the natural ability of a grammar-aged student to commit large amounts of information (including information on artists and composers) to memory. The goal of the Foundations program is to train the brain to retain a foundation of knowledge in important subjects. This product introduces families to classical artists and composers and their works.

How is this Christian?

This product is Christian because it aligns with Classical Conversations’ motto “To Know God and to Make Him Known.” Students observe the talents of artists and composers and imitate their works, in both music and song, to glorify God.

How is this used in community?

This product is not used in community; however, it can be used at home by parents to provide additional information regarding the artists and composers introduced in the Hands-on Fine Arts component in community.

  • Artists and composers are combined into one set.
  • 5x8 cardstock, laminated
  • 39 Cards

Frequently asked questions available here.

Bibliography for Artists and Composers Set available here.

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Set Contents:

(Card 1) Arte y música en las Escrituras
(Card 2) Arte y música de Grecia y Roma
(Card 3) Arte y música de la Edad Media
(Card 4) Giotto di Bondone
(Card 5) Arte y música del Renacimiento
(Card 6) Lorenzo Ghiberti *studied in Cy1
(Card 7) Jan van Eyck
(Card 8) Fra Angelico *studied in Cy1
(Card 9) Leonardo da Vinci
(Card 10) Alberto Durero *studied in Cy1
(Card 11) Miguel Ángel Buonarroti
(Card 12) El Greco *studied in Cy1
(Card 13) Johann Sebastian Bach *studied in Cy1
(Card 14) George Frideric Handel *studied in Cy1
(Card 15) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart *studied in Cy1
(Card 16) Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn *studied in Cy2
(Card 17) Johannes Vermeer
(Card 18) Thomas Gainsborough *studied in Cy2
(Card 19) Franz Joseph Haydn
(Card 20) Charles Willson Peale
(Card 22) Ludwig van Beethoven *studied in Cy2
(Card 23) John James Audubon
(Card 25) Thomas Cole
(Card 26) Jean-François Millet
(Card 28) Johannes Brahms *studied in Cy2
(Card 29) Edgar Degas *studied in Cy2
(Card 30) Winslow Homer
(Card 31) Claude Monet *studied in Cy2
(Card 32) Antonín Dvorák *studied in Cy2
(Card 33) Berthe Morisot *studied in Cy2
(Card 34) Piotr Chaikovski *studied in Cy3
(Card 35) Pierre-Auguste Renoir
(Card 37) Paul Gaugin
(Card 38) Vincent van Gogh *studied in Cy 2 with other European artists
(Card 40) Claude Debussy *studied in Cy3
(Card 41) Frank Lloyd Wright
(Card 42) Ígor Stravinski *studied in Cy3
(Card 44) Norman Rockwell *studied in Cy3
(Card 45) Voces en el arte postmoderno

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