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Classical Conversations Program(s): Foundations, Scribblers

In this exciting sequel to The Coral Island, R.M. Ballantyne continues the adventures of Ralph Rover, Jack Martin, and Peterkin Gay, who go to hunt and study Africa’s elusive Gorilla. The trio has a knack for finding danger, and there are many hilarious and hair-raising events they must pass through. Elephants and lions are just a few of the dangers that roam the African safari. The real question is, can Ralph, Jack, and Peterkin survive the dangers of a brutal slave-trader and a volatile native king?

1: The Hunters are Introduced 29:17
2: Life in the Woods 19:00
3: I Mount Guard 30:38
4: Much That is Philosophical 25:22
5: Preparations for a Grand Hunt 42:52
6: Dreaming and Feeding 27:14
7: We Circumvent the Natives 30:56
8: Peterkin Distinguishes Himself 37:23
9: I Discover a Curious Insect 26:43
10: Water Appreciated 15:00
11: Our First Gorilla 17:53
12: Peterkin’s School Day Remembrances 20:25
13: We Get Into the Thick of It 21:00
14: Our Plans get Suddenly Altered 17:51
15: An Unexpected Meeting 23:12
16: An Unfortunate Delay 17:21
17: We Visit a Natural Menagerie 24:55
18: Strange and Terrible Discoveries 25:33
19: Preparations for War 25:58
20: A Warlike Expedition 15:36
21: Arrangements for Pursuing the Enemy 16:38
22: A Ludicrously Awful Adventure 17:20
23: We See Strange Things 18:08
24: A Long Chase 12:03
25: A Desperate Encounter 15:32
Total Time: 9 Hours, 34 Minutes

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