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Classical Conversations Program(s): Foundations, Scribblers

Correlating Cycle(s): 1, 2, 3

Recognizing God’s mighty hand in his own life, Richard “Little Bear” Wheeler compiled stories of impossible triumph despite a losing battle, Divine protection amidst sure annihilation and heroic endeavors in the face of defeat, all with a single purpose of demonstrating the miraculous Providential Occurrences in World History. Read about the miracles of General Washington, Sergeant York, the Battle of the Bulge, and more. Learn how Wycliffe, Tyndale, and Martin Luther all fit into God’s mighty plan for all times. An indispensable devotional for the entire family and resource for avid students of history of all ages.

1: Just a Shepherd (David) 8:12
2: The Boy Who Would be King (Alexander the Great) 5:35
3: The Sign in the Sky (Constantine) 6:40
4: It’s in the Clover (St. Patrick) 9:18
5: The Influence of a Godly Wife (King Clovis) 7:16
6: Follow the Leader (Charlemagne) 14:40
7: You Dirty Rat (The Plague) 9:45
8: The Morning Star (John Wycliffe) 9:26
9: Cook Your Goose (John Huss) 9:15
10: The Secret Wood Carver (Laurence Coster) 7:41
11: The Nobody Becomes Somebody (Christopher Columbus) 19:16
12: Open the Eyes of the King (William Tyndale) 16:27
13: The Old Fox Got Away (John Foxe) 12:33
14 Divine Right of Kings (Oliver Cromwell) 9:51
15: Steps Ordered by God (Squanto) 9:26
16: Pilgrims 22:58
17: Out of the Clear Blue (Richard Goldsmith) 3:08
18: Never Alone (Ephraim Howe) 7:08
19: Another Prodigal Son (Alexander Selkirk) 11:09
20: Charmed Life or Trust in the Lord (Israel Putnam) 7:38
21: Hardened Heart Converted (John Newman) 14:46
22: They Stood to See Salvation 7:50
23: A Fight to the Finish (Bonnie Prince Charlie) 7:57
24: You’d Think Someone was Trying to Kill You (George Washington) 9:28
25: The Right Psalm at the Right Time 9:26
26: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death (Patrick Henry) 14:22
27: Brother Jonathan (Jonathan Trumbull) 3:17
28: Miracle on Long Island (George Washington) 12:14
29: If Looks Could Kill (George Washington) 4:11
30: Miracle of the Constitution 9:27
31: Man of Determined Will (David Livingston) 11:27
32: Man Proposes, but God Disposes (Napoleon) 15:30
33: Hidden from View but not from God (Robert Moffat) 5:10
34: The Gift of a Song (John Newman) 5:33
35: When the Odds are Against You, It’s God (Andrew Jackson) 15:03
36: A Fateful Night (Queen Victoria) 9:52
37: The Heritage of a Godly Father (Willem ten Boom) 3:27
38: God Knows Best (Mary Stafford) 7:37
39: God is in Control (Abraham Lincoln) 2:13
40: A Double Portion (Arthur MacArthur) 7:41
41: Am I My Brother’s Keeper? (Mary Livermore) 13:26
42: Saved by a Song (Ira Sankey) 8:03
43: The Price of Love (Corrie ten Boom) 9:58
44: The Bulldog of a Man (Winston Churchill) 17:10
45: Whatsoever a Man Soweth (Alexander Fleming) 5:10
46: The Boxer Rebellion 8:09
47: Give and it Shall be Given Unto You (Elder Wheat) 14:38
48: The Great War God Knew About (Chaim Weizmann) 20:03
49: Miracle of the Marne (The Battle) 7:07
50: Viscount of Megiddo (General Allenby) 7:01
51: A One Man Army (Alvin York) 14:36
52: The 91st Psalm Colonel (Colonel Whittlesey) 3:27
53: The White Battalion 5:42
54: Big Ben at Nine (W. Tudor Pole) 3:40
55: Peter Marshall 7:31
56: Black Thursday Becomes Sonday (J.C. Penney) 10:27
57: Sea Lion Drowns (Battle of Britain) 10:35
58: Wage War on Your Knees (Rees Howells) 15:33
59: Bird on the Brain (Eddie Rickenbacker) 9:55
60: One Nation Under God (Admiral Sako) 1:34
61: The Desert Fox (Gen. Erwin Rommel) 7:34
62: The Silver Cross (Clarence Stanford) 6:07
63: Bad Water (Major Rainer) 5:25
64: The Prayer of Deliverance (Private Richard Hollinger) 4:43
65: Now is the Time to Pray (Chaplain Johnson) 6:50
66: It’s All We Can Do For Now (Elmer Bendiner) 9:17
67: Miracle at the Bulge (Battle of the Bulge) 15:33
68: Bloom Like a Rose in the Jungle (Darlene Deibler-Rose) 13:32
69: Korean Conflict 9:20
70: The Doctor Who Lived to Save Others (Dr. Robert Jensen) 7:19
71: Still the Chosen People (1967 War in Israel) 10:18
72: A Flight to Remember (Dr. Jim Leininger) 14:11
73: Brighter than the Sun (Vietnam War Story) 7:26
74: Peace for Galilee (Israel – 1982) 9:31
75: God Knows Your Phone Number (Ken Gaub) 6:12
76: The Long White Dress 6:27
77: Going Down to the River 12:48
78: For the Love of Family (Lorenzo Perez) 21:46
79: Ministering Spirits (Steve Coy) 2:38
80: A Christmas Surprise (Little Bear Wheeler) 10:45
Total Listening Time: 12 Hours, 45 Minutes

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