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How to Develop a Brilliant Memory

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Maximize Your Potential!


Audience Adaptable for all ages
Accessibility Moves quickly, so some students will need to go slower than the suggested schedule
Author Dominic O'Brien
Page Count 176
Format Paperback
Publication Date 2014

General Description

Improve your memory with these 52 proven techniques that helped win Dominic O’Brien accolades such as Brain of the Year, Grandmaster of Memory, and World Memory Champion (eight times in a row!). This secular text challenges us to treat the brain as a muscle, exercising it regularly for optimum performance. From the little things (recalling statistics and facts) to the big (keeping track of anniversaries and important appointments), a good memory is essential to a happy life and a successful career. O’Brien has designed this guide as a yearlong course in memory improvement. Use it as a handy reference to target specific memory shortcomings, or complete the whole course to prevent forgetfulness in all areas of life. A word of caution before handing this book to your high school student: This book contains some New Age philosophies.