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When People Are Big and God Is Small





 college-level reading



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 regular print


 Edward T. Welch

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 perfect bound; paperback

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General Description

The message is simple: Don’t look to humans for what only God can provide: unconditional love, lasting strength, purpose in life. In this practical, Bible-based book, Edward Welch offers encouragement and advice for everyone, not just people who struggle with co-dependence. Welch reminds us that people—though fearfully and wonderfully made—are just people. Hold God in awe! Don’t reduce him to a character in the Bible, but make him a welcome and active part of your life.

As with the English language, each element of life has its role. As verbs are intended to show action or state of being, God is intended to be the center and catalyst for our lives. When People Are Big reminds us how to order our lives just as rightly as we order our sentences.