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Teaching the Classics - Workbook & DVD Set


Equip your children with literary study tools

Audience Suitable for teaching all levels (elementary through high school). Although this is meant to be teacher training, students will enjoy viewing it too.
Accessibility Little guidance required; independent students will be able to read the lessons and work on their own
Preparation None required
Ease of use Graphic organizers, book lists, discussion questions, excerpts, and other materials are included.
Author Adam & Missy Andrews
Page Count 97 page book
Format Spiral bound, softcover workbook + 4 DVDs
Publication Date 2004

General Description

In Teaching the Classics, Adam Andrews does for teaching literature what Andrew Pudewa did for teaching writing. This two-day seminar on DVD will prepare you to explore literature intelligently with your children. By using short stories as models, Adam systematically prepares you to study character, plot, theme, and other literary tools used by authors to communicate their message. You can quickly equip your children with literary study tools that can then be used easily on longer works. Skills gained through this program will allow you then to study any piece of literature.

Adam Andrews is a dynamic, excited teacher who easily transfers that excitement about literature to you and your students. If you have read DeMille’s A Thomas Jefferson Education but feel ill-equipped to study the classics with your children, then this seminar is your ticket to a leadership style education.

Do you need the DVDs? Yes! Although the workbook is quite readable, it is the seminar on DVD that shows you how to apply the elements described in the text to literature. Your students can join you in watching the seminar, and then you can continue to practice, first on short stories before applying it all to full-length novels.