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Spelling Plus


Need some spelling practice?


Audience Grades K–6; recommended for at-home use by students in Foundations and Essentials
Accessibility Parent or tutor instruction is required; clear lessons, dictations, and tests included; audio files of the author reading and teaching are also available on her website
Preparation Minimal
Ease of use Clear and concise
Author Susan C. Anthony
Page Count 169
Format Paperback
Publication Date 1999

General Description

About 90% of written English consists of just 1,000 base words! Spelling Plus: 1,000 Words Toward Spelling Success will help you teach your students the most commonly used and misspelled words to the point of mastery, ensuring improvement in their first-draft writing. Beyond the core list, personal words keep gifted spellers challenged while giving poor spellers the repetition and practice they need. Success-oriented strategies enable teachers to focus on progress and encourage students without sacrificing high standards. Spelling Plus may be used as a text or supplement. Reproducible worksheets are included.