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IEW Teaching Writing Structure and Style Overview DVD, 2nd ed


Answers to all your questions about the IEW method

Audience Teachers and parents of grades K-12.

Introduces the Institute for Excellence in Writing's incremental approach to teaching writing at any age.

Preparation None required.
Ease of use Great for providing a brief overview of the structure and style method.
Author Andrew Pudewa
Page Count N/A
Format DVD (128 minutes)
Publication Date Second edition, 2015

General Description

This two-hour DVD will answer the questions you may be asking: “Why do I want to teach using the IEW method? Who developed these materials? What do I need to know to help my child?”

Classical Conversations directors, Essentials tutors, and parents-- buy one to show at a Parents' Night or Open House, or buy many, so each parent can have his or her own!