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Grammar & Diagramming Sentences


Get more practice with sentence structure and diagramming.

Audience Grade 7 and up; recommended for at-home use by students in Essentials or for grammar review in Challenge
Accessibility Most students will need guidance from a parent or tutor
Preparation Moderate prep time required
Ease of use Concise and straightforward
Author Nan DeVincent-Hayes
Page Count 112
Format Paperback
Publication Date 1995

General Description

Pairs well with Dictation Resource Book. Every student who wishes to write well ought to learn sentence diagramming and grammar, especially if he or she wants to write at the collegiate level. Today, almost every college in the country requires an essay as part of the application process. Prepare your high school student for college and a career by ensuring a firm foundation in grammar. This helpful and clear text guides you and your student through the trickier parts of English, focusing largely on sentence diagramming. It begins with the basics like nouns, verbs, and modifiers, and gradually becomes more complex, ending with clauses and compound sentences.