Copper Lodge Library: Pride and Prejudice

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Recommended in Program(s): Challenge II
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Why did CCMM create this product?

Pride and Prejudice is a required resource. Classical Conversations MultiMedia produced this Copper Lodge Library edition to provide a beautiful resource with the needs of Challenge families in mind.

How is this classical?

Pride and Prejudice is a beloved classic novel. The footnotes include word definitions, pronunciations, and historical context to support life-long learning, enabling students to deepen their reading and thinking skills. Wide margins encourage note taking and having “conversations” with the book and its author.

How is this Christian?

Pride and Prejudice features Christian themes such as loving one’s neighbor, "removing the plank from one’s eye” (Matthew 7:3–5), and seeing past appearances. The foreword reminds us that as Christians, we are called to seek truth.

How is this used in community?

Students discuss Pride and Prejudice and its themes together in community, while also using it as the basis for a writing assignment.

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