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Why did CCMM create this product?

English Epic Poetry (Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, The Canterbury Tales general prologue and “The Knight’s Tale,” and Paradise Lost Book 1, including the eleven Arguments) contains some required reading for the Exposition strand. Classical Conversations MultiMedia produced this Copper Lodge Library edition to provide a beautiful resource with the needs of Challenge families in mind.

How is this classical?

English Epic Poetry contains literature that has shaped Western thought for hundreds of years. These stories set cultural precedents for heroism, character development, and theology. In Epic Poetry, students practice reading different types of poetry—from Chaucer's rhyming couplets to Milton’s blank verse—and appreciating the language and allusions while still following the plot.

How is this Christian?

Even in the less overtly religious poems of Sir Gawain and Canterbury Tales, readers find Christian themes like courage, forgiveness, and right use of power. Milton’s Paradise Lost attempts to “justify the ways of God to men,” and opens the door to important conversations about good versus evil and free will, not to mention the hundreds of biblical allusions Milton planted for readers to find.

How is this used in community?

In community, students discuss the poetry together, while also using the poems as the basis for their writing assignment.

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