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Introductory Logic Test and Quiz Packet (5th ed)


Test your knowledge of formal logic

Audience 8th grade and up; used in Classical Conversations communities for Challenge B
Preparation Use to assess progress in Introductory Logic program
Ease of use No copying required; booklet contains a blank copy of every quiz or test that one student would need for the entire Introductory Logic course. It even contains an alternative version of each test for practice -- the best thing for unit review! Answers to all quizzes and tests are in the Teacher Edition (5th ed.).
Author James B. Nance and Douglas Wilson
Page Count 70
Format Shrink-wrapped; loose-leaf
Publication Date 5th edition, updated in 2014

General Description

In their helpful and complete guide to teaching logic, James B. Nance and Douglas Wilson offer their expertise so you too can teach logic well.