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Introductory Logic DVD 5th Ed


DVD resource for formal logic introduction

Audience 8th grade and up; recommended in Classical Conversations communities for Challenge B
Preparation Use alongside Introductory Logic program
Ease of use The DVDs go a step beyond the instruction provided in the textbook, offering an on-ramp for novice logic instructors
Author James B. Nance and Douglas Wilson
Page Count N/A
Format 4-DVD set
Publication Date 5th edition, updated in 2014

General Description

With this program you will get the benefit of James B. Nance's twenty years of teaching experience, making teaching the fundamentals of logic as painless and rewarding as possible. Nance walks you through every lesson in his bestselling Introductory Logic textbook: definitions, logical statements, fallacies, syllogisms, and much more, not to mention practice tests and other helps for those learning at home. Enjoy!