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Introductory Logic Workbook 5th Ed


Discover formal logic!


Audience Grade 8; used in Classical Conversations communities in Challenge B
Accessibility Most students will require guidance
Preparation Moderate
Ease of use Clean, easy-to-read layout, lots of margin notes for key points and further study
Author James B. Nance and Douglas Wilson
Page Count 80
Format Consumable workbook, Paperback
Publication Date 2014

General Description

NEWLY REVISED. This modern text includes step-by-step lessons, exercises for every concept, and many review questions, making Introductory Logic the perfect choice for developing excellent thinking skills.

In Introductory Logic, you'll get the benefit of James B. Nance's twenty years of teaching experience as you learn the fundamentals you need to think well wherever you are, including:

  • How to properly define terms for maximum precision and accuracy — and thus win the debate,
  • How to form and interpret statements, the building blocks of logical thought,
  • How to compose valid syllogisms, and — just as importantly —expose the invalid fakes using counterexamples,
  • How to analyze arguments in normal English,
  • How to identify and deflect informal fallacies (one of the most instantly applicable parts of logic)