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The Phantom Tollbooth


Realize the wonder of both letters and numbers

Audience Grades 6-8; used in Classical Conversations communities in Challenge B
Accessibility Most students will require minimal guidance
Preparation None required
Ease of Use Regular print; black and white illustrations throughout
Author Norton Juster
Page Count 256
Format Perfect bound; paperback
Publication Date 1988

General Description

For lovers of adventure, irony, and wordplay, The Phantom Tollbooth will become an instant classic. Readers follow Milo into a world where sounds can be seen, sights can be heard, and puns absolutely come to life. Accompanied by a literal watchdog, Tock, Milo endeavors to right the strange world by restoring Reason and Rhyme. Readers will be inspired alongside Milo to pursue knowledge, avoid jumping to conclusions, and realize the wonder of both letters and numbers.