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Blue Book Exam Booklet (12 pack)


Evaluate and assess classically

Audience Recommended at all Challenge levels for licensed Classical Conversations directors.
Accessibility Blue books offer a way for the students to confront, approach, and demonstrate what they know and how effectively they can communicate their thoughts and beliefs in a limited time frame.
Preparation The purpose of the blue book is not to catch students who have not studied everything but to celebrate with students what they have learned over the course of a semester or year of study. 
Ease of Use Cover includes space to write student's name, date, and seminar title.
Author Classical Conversations MultiMedia
Page Count 12 pages each
Format Saddle-stitch; set of 12 booklets, 8.5 x 11" each
Publication Date 2013

General Description

In Classical Conversations, we want to guide students from knowledge to understanding to wisdom. It is not enough for our high school students to simply memorize organs in order to pass a biology test. We want them to think about how those systems reflect the mind of the Maker. It is not enough for our students to learn how to construct syllogisms in logic or even to memorize the rules of validity. We want them to be able to engage our culture by recognizing the unsound arguments of others and presenting sound arguments of their own.

It is also not enough for our students to learn about science, Latin, math, history, and literature as separate subjects. Instead, we want our students to see the big ideas that transcend these subjects. We want them to learn to think in an integrated way. The Blue Book Examination Booklet allows students to express their ideas and teachers to evaluate that expression.

Comes in a pack of 12 booklets.