Teach Latin traditionally, rigorously, and in an orderly, systematic manner.

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Recommended in Program(s): Challenge I, Challenge A, Challenge B
Cycle(s): N/A

The Henle Latin text contains all of the exercises and readings for the course. In the first year, a limited vocabulary of 500 words allows students to master grammar without being overwhelmed with a large vocabulary. In addition, Henle provides valuable insight into the history of the Church, providing an excellent opportunity for Christians to trace their heritage back to its ancient origins.

Henle teaches grammar and syntax in the separate Henle Latin Grammar, which is used as a handy reference throughout the program.

    • Paperback
    • 528 pages
    • © 1958

What families are saying:

"I like the way Henle has several little lessons within each lesson." —Kathy Sheppard, Writers Circle