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Saving Leonardo


A convicting call to notice the way society shapes the hearts of people

Audience Parents and adults
Accessibility Adult-level reading
Preparation None required
Ease of Use Regular print (includes illustrations)
Author Nancy Pearcey
Page Count 328
Format Perfect bound; hardback
Publication Date 2010

General Description

Regardless of your worldview, Nancy Pearcey’s Saving Leonardo will cause you to question the influence and restructuring of society. Former agnostic Pearcey specifically focuses on the secular ideas expressed in philosophy, art, literature, and music and the subtle ways they have invaded and undermined our classrooms and living rooms. Secularism detracts from the value and freedom of humanity, and prevents people from understanding truth. Saving Leonardo is a convicting call to stop living in a blur and notice the way society shapes the hearts of people.

Saving Leonardo rings with questions of choice, the theme of Challenge II. What philosophies do we choose to surround ourselves with in music, television, literature? How do we choose to respond to them? Pearcey brings insight and talking points that will help parents dig deeper in conversation with their students.