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State of the Arts

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Study the impact of the arts on culture


Audience Anyone curious about the arts and its impact on society; used in Classical Conversations communities in Challenge II
Accessibility Complex; this book is best taught with discussion
Preparation It is suggested for parents and tutors to read before their students to better facilitate discussion
Ease of use Large font, average margin size
Author Gene Edward Veith, Jr.
Page Count 256
Format Paperback
Publication Date 1991

General Description

In this clear examination of the arts, Gene Edward Veith Jr. argues that we cannot escape the arts, nor should we wish to; Christians especially ought to participate in and seek to redeem art. He posits that art permeates our lives and our culture: décor, architecture, music, entertainment, even everyday utensils. The imagination of an age, its ideas and concerns, percolate throughout culture via the arts. These ideas affect us for good or for evil. The choice is not whether to live with art; we must choose whether to live with good art or bad art. Veith argues that art—like all things human—needs to be redeemed, and that Christians cannot abandon the arts to the secular world, but can use them to display God's glory. In this book, Veith helps us develop an informed artistic taste, open yet critical, discerning yet appreciative of what is truly excellent.

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