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Henle Latin 2 Text


Take the next step, Latin scholar

Audience Grades 9–12; used in Classical Conversations communities in Challenge II
Accessibility Challenging; most students will require help
Preparation High
Ease of use Fairly small size, so students will need to complete work and take notes separately. Henle teaches grammar and syntax in a separate 250-page Grammar manual, which is used throughout the program.
Page Count 640
Format Paperback
Publication Date 1958

General Description

Originally published in 1945, the Henle Latin series teaches Latin traditionally, rigorously, and in an orderly, systematic manner. This text contains all of the exercises and readings for the course. In the second year, students being to translate original passages from Caesar’s Gallic Wars. For students in need of review, the first 16 lessons practice lessons from Book 1; students with a mastery of Book 1 can skip these and begin translating the passages.

Many repetitious Latin phrases, copious exercises, and long translations produce mastery rather than frustration, while exercises and readings teach Roman and Christian history and compare the pagan and Christian worldviews. In addition, Henle provides valuable insight into the history of the Church, providing an excellent opportunity for Christians to trace their heritage back to its ancient origins.