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Favorite Father Brown Stories


Six well-plotted and suspenseful tales by the noted British critic and author G. K. Chesterton

Audience Grades 7+; used in Classical Conversations communities in Challenge II
Accessibility Most students will require minimal guidance
Preparation None required
Ease of use Small print
Author G.K. Chesterton
Page Count 89
Format Perfect bound; paperback
Publication Date 2016

General Description

Who better to catch crooks than a man who knows how crooks think? And who better knows the ways of crooked thoughts than a priest? While respecting the confidentiality of confession, Father Brown uses his exposure to wickedness to fuel his quest for good. While Sherlock Holmes relies on clues and deductive reasoning, Father Brown’s intimate knowledge of human nature gives him a keen intuition that helps him solve the mysteries and crimes of nineteenth and twentieth century England.


  • "The Blue Cross"
  • "The Sins of Prince Saradine"
  • "The Sign of the Broken Sword"
  • "The Man in the Passage"
  • "The Perishing of the Pendragons"
  • "The Salad of Colonel Cray"