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Starship Troopers


What would you fight for?

Audience Grades 9+; used in Classical Conversations communities in Challenge I
Accessibility Most students will require minimal guidance
Preparation None required
Ease of use Small print; 1.5 line spacing
Author Robert A. Heinlein
Page Count 335
Format Perfect bound; paperback
Publication Date 2010

General Description

Starship Troopers proves that some questions of freedom will never be fully answered on earth. In this futuristic world, readers follow Johnny Rico, a soldier-astronaut in the war against “the Bugs,” spiderlike extraterrestrials. Under the government system the “Terran Federation,” Johnny and his peers contemplate moral questions of order, power, and freedom—questions raised in any war, now or in years to come. Though Starship offers a relatively complicated political commentary, students can easily find ideas to wrestle with in class and on their own.