Copper Lodge Library: THE SCARLET LETTER

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Copper Lodge Library – The Scarlet Letter (by Nathanial Hawthorne)

Audience: Challenge Families; part of the curriculum in Challenge I

This new edition of The Scarlet Letter will present Hawthorne’s classic story of judgment, sin and forgiveness in a version that is produced in-house and specifically tailored for Challenge I students.

The Copper Lodge Library series of books were created out of concerns heard from parents that other editions did not have high quality binding, did not last long, and did not include enough images. The CLL series fixed these problems by increasing the quality of the binding and paper, as well as featuring illustrations, footnotes, and annotations providing valuable content and context for readers.

Click HERE to view the Errata Sheet.

How to Coax Your New Book to Lay Flat

Place the book with its back on a table.

Open the front cover.

Then open the back cover.

Open a few pages in the front, gently pressing along the spine.

Then open a few pages at the back of the book in the same way.

Continue opening pages, alternating between the front and back, until the book is fully open. Gently press along the center spine.


You may need to repeat this process two or three times to limber up the binding. Never force the spine or handle your book roughly as that may break the back and cause pages to (eventually) come loose.

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