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Marvelous to Behold

  • Marvelous to Behold
  • Marvelous to Behold
  • Marvelous to Behold
  • Marvelous to Behold
  • Marvelous to Behold
$23.99 (was $29.99)

Art masters - bigger and bolder than ever!


Anyone seeking an understanding of and appreciation for art; used in Classical Conversations communities in Challenge II; also a valuable resource for Foundations families




None required

Ease of Use

Large-format, museum-quality images make it easier to observe the details of the artists’ craftsmanship. Wide margins leave plenty of room for notes.


Courtney Sanford and Jennifer Courtney

Page Count



 Soft cover book, perfect bound. French flaps fold over interior pages for easy reference.

Publication Date


General Description

A new, classical approach to art history, with full-color, full-page images of each artwork, tools to help you identify forms, techniques, and features of the art, and original documents to whisk you into each artist’s world.

What are families saying on social media?

"Just received my copy of Marvelous to Behold -- it is beautiful! And, it will become a staple in our homeschool classroom! Cannot wait to use it, especially during the 6 weeks when we study great artists in Foundations. I can see how the book will be useful for years (even as a reference when my kids go to college!). THANK YOU for the hours of labor put into publishing such a wonderful resource!!" - Julie, Facebook

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