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Henry V


A story of loyalty, personal growth, and leadership

Audience Grades 9-12; used in Classical Conversations communities in Challenge III
Accessibility Most students will require minimal guidance
Preparation Students struggling with the Shakespearean language may wish to read a simpler version, such as Charles and Mary Lamb's, alongside the original play. Reading aloud is also helpful.
Ease of Use Regular print; full, side-by-side margin notes for easy gloss access; additional notes and suggestions for further reading at the end
Author William Shakespeare
Page Count 237
Format Perfect bound; paperback
Publication Date 2009

General Description

In this play, Shakespeare continues the story of King Henry V, who appeared in Henry IV as a careless, reckless boy. Now, Henry has grown up and must lead his country and army during the Hundred Years’ War. Henry V is a story of loyalty, personal growth, and leadership. What makes just a man a king? What makes a king just a man? Shakespeare's famous history play presents ideas that make everyone—from leader to observer—think about the nature of kingship and brotherhood.

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