Dig more deeply into biology with your family


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Apologia's science curriculum by Jay Wile teaches biology from a creationist viewpoint. Heavily emphasizing the vocabulary of biology, it provides the student with a strong background in the scientific method, classification, microscopy, biochemistry, cellular biology, molecular and Mendelian genetics, evolution, dissection, and ecosystems.

Please note that this course does not contain a discussion of human anatomy and physiology. Most college biology professors do not consider that to be a part of a solid, college-prep biology course. Students who take and understand this course will be very well prepared for a tough university biology course. 

This listing is for the textbook only. You will also need to purchase the solutions and tests manual for assessments and step-by-step answers.

    • 8.5 x 11 hardcover
    • 594 pages
    • © 2005