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Intermediate Logic Workbook 3rd Ed


More formal logic!


Audience Grades 7–12; used in Classical Conversations communities in Challenge B
Accessibility Challenging; most students will require help
Preparation High
Ease of use New, clean, easy-to-read layout
Author James B. Nance and Douglas Wilson
Page Count 355
Format Paperback, consumable workbook
Publication Date Updated in 2014

General Description

NEWLY REVISED with a clean, easy-to-read layout, lots of margin notes for key points and further study, a step-by-step modern method, and exercises for every lesson (plus review questions and review exercises for every unit). Intermediate Logic is a great choice for establishing a concrete and applicable knowledge of propositional arguments.

In Intermediate Logic, you'll get the benefit of James B. Nance's twenty years of teaching experience to help you master propositional arguments:

  • How to interpret and analyze logical operators and truth tables by reviewing and applying the concepts of validity, contradiction, consistency, and equivalence,
  • How to internalize the nine basic rules of inference to derive an argument's conclusions from its premises,
  • How to easily determine consistency, self-contradiction, tautology, equivalence, and validity by using truth trees,
  • How to apply all these skills to real-life thinkers and writers wherever you encounter them,
  • An all-new optional unit on understanding digital logic, the "language" which modern gadgets (from digital alarm clock displays to computer processors) use to function.