Fantastic things happen when a writer learns to ask questions

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Recommended in Program(s): Challenge I, Challenge A, Challenge B
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This complete writing curriculum teaches the student how to overcome the three challenges all writers face: coming up with something to say, arranging ideas properly, and finding the right words. Through a strategic return to classical Greek and Roman (and consequently medieval and Renaissance) thought patterns, this curriculum will transform your students’ ability to think, read, write, and communicate.

Please Note: A Student's Workbook must be purchased for each student who will use the program. One Student Workbook is included in this set. Per copyright rules, worksheets may not be photocopied.

    • 8.5 x 11 softcover, spiral bound (2 books), streaming video subscription
    • 352 pages (teacher's guide), 148 pages (student book)
    • Fifth edition, © 2015

What families are saying:

"Lost Tools of Writing trains writers in the canon of Invention, gets students personally invested in their communication, and gives them experience making judgments of virtue. I love Lost Tools for Writing for these reasons. But more than these, this classical writing program forms a habit of thoughtfulness and inquiry, as students learn to dig deeply into an issue rather than to make hasty judgments." —Ruth Holleran, Writers Circle