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Lyrical Life Science, Vol 3. The Human Body (Set)

$19.67 (was $29.50)

Promote scientific literacy through song

Audience Grades 3+; used in Classical Conversations communities in Foundations, Cycle 3, and Challenge A. Songs can be enjoyed by all ages.
Accessibility CDs can be enjoyed by any age; most students will require some parental guidance for the text
Preparation None required
Ease of Use Regular print; plenty of line drawings; catchy tunes
Author Dorry Eldon; performed by Bobby Horton
Page Count
Format CD, workbook, and teacher's manual
Publication Date 2000

General Description

This set of CD, workbook, and teacher's manual helps children easily learn human anatomy by putting complex vocabulary to simple folk songs.

The Human Body studies one of the most interesting mammals of all! You’ll go through all the body systems and understand the interrelationship between them. 

"Your body is amazing in its complexity of structures, functions and processes--all of which you probably don't even think about--that is, until you get sick or injured. Through the ages people have marveled about the human body--sages of old have proclaimed "I am fearfully and wonderfully made." (5)

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