The Hidden Jewel

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Classical Conversations Program(s): Foundations, Scribblers

Everything about India shouted adventure to fourteen-year-old English boy John Knight. Crowds of people swarmed the streets, temple elephants paraded about, monkeys scolded at passers-by—this was easily the most exciting place John had ever been. But he and his mother are not prepared for what they discover when they befriend an Irish missionary named Amy Carmichael. John is shocked to learn that a young Indian girl is to be a “child bride” forced by her uncle to marry an elderly man! What will happen if John does not act? Who will save Jewel? Will all the fears in Jewel’s eyes come to pass?

1. Incident on the Cog Train 11:48
2. Reprieve From School 10:51
3. The Money-Begging Elephant 13:41
4. Refuge! 14:07
5. Good Friday Comes on Easter 13:47
6. Swami Lover 14:17
7. Fire! 13:34
8. A Bloody Nose and a Black Eye 14:32
9. On Trial 10:46
10. Disappeared! 9:59
11. Discovered 15:12
12. The Bride of Dohnavur 15:48
13. More About Amy Charmichael 8:11
Total Listening Time: 2 Hours 46 Minutes

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