The Bandit of Ashley Downs

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Classical Conversations Program(s): Foundations, Scribblers

By the time Curly Roddy was twelve, he’d already survived six years as an orphan on the streets of London in the 1870s. He slept in dustbins and ate orange peels when he could find them. Sometimes he earned a few coins by singing and doing acrobatics in pubs. He had perfected his skills at snatching purses and picking pockets. But when Curly overheard that a church was raising £3,000 for an orphanage in Bristol, his scheme of an armed robbery promised to bring him enough money for a lifetime. With the help of a local thug, Spud, a plan is soon put in place. With Spud’s pistol and brute force, the church’s treasure should easily be taken. But the highway robbery brings Curly more trouble than he had bargained for. Is it scarier to be sent to the orphanage from which he stole the money or to be sent to prison? Will George Müller, the man in charge of the orphanage, make Curly into a slave to earn back at least a portion of the money? Or might they do something even worse? Curly’s in for the biggest surprise of his young life!

Bandit of Ashley Downs Chapter Titles and Times:
1 – Escape from the Tower 16:56
2 – A Ripe Opportunity 14:36
3 – Highway Robbery 12:08
4 – Betrayal! 12:04
5 – The Raid 12:10
6 – His Kind are No Good 9:09
7 – Ashley Downs 14:14
8 – The Leader of the Gang 11:00
9 – Caught Red Handed 16:11
10 – Will the Boiler Blow? 8:42
11 – Leaving 7:53
12 – Treasures End 13:51
13 – Christmas for Somebody 8:49
14 – More About George Muller 5:19
TOTAL is 2 hours 43 minutes

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