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This whimsical picture book about four-year-old homeschool student Lily is a wonderful way to explain to beginning homeschool students what to expect when learning at home.

    • Board book
    • 26 pages
    • © 2017

What families are saying:

“I had multiple people very excited about the new board books especially Lily Stays. They appreciated a book written from the perspective of a home-schooled child.” —Jennifer
“I love this sweet little homeschooling book called Lily Stays for School. Claire LOVE LOVES it and has read it to me over and over again! I wish we had this book when we first started our homeschool journey!” —Keri, Schoolhouse Ronk
"I ordered this book as soon as I got the email about it because I've been searching for a book that is about a child being homeschooled--rather than going to Kindergarten. My daughter's name is also Lily and she is 4, which matches the girl in the story perfectly. ...I'm still glad I purchased the book and it opens up the opportunity to talk about homeschooling with my daughter more as well as norming the idea of homeschooling. I feel so many books about "going" to school can make a child feel as left out. I felt this way so much when I was homeschooled, and for me, it is important for my child to realize that there are many methods selected by parents for schooling." —Ruth

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