Marketing Package #2

Marketing Package #2


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The Marketing Package is designed to help you with marketing tools you can use to create more revenue, save money and be more successful in your role.

The only unique feature in each marketing package is which banner or table top display is available. This Marketing Package #2 includes banner #2.  

The banner is 72x24 inches.

You will also receive a one-time use coupon code, good through 12/31/2019, to save 20% on merchandise. This code is for your personal use only and not to be shared.

In addition, receive help with some fresh ideas for your bio. You’ll receive a link upon purchasing the Marketing Package in which you’ll fill in some answers to provide to the Communication Team for a new bio. You can utilize this aspect of the marketing package multiple times to update your bio for various seasons. ARs are also welcome to take advantage of this service and can use a bio for conferences and more.

With the Marketing Package you will receive access to a special collection of images and templates for marketing within Learning Pathways.

Additional pertinent details related to how you will receive the above items will be provided after you purchase the Marketing Package.