Goldtown Adventures River of Peril

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Classical Conversations Program(s): Foundations, Scribblers

Correlating Cycle(s): 3

A trip to Sacramento turns dangerous when Jem tries to help his father keep gold bound for the Union from falling into the hands of Confederate sympathizers. First the stagecoach gets held up, then Ellie gets lost, then the riverboat captain is exposed, and then… well, you’ll just have to listen to find out what happens in this exciting culmination of the Goldtown Adventure series!

River of Peril Chapter Titles and Times

  1. The Secret 13:06
  2. Holdup 13:25
  3. Where’s the Gold? 14:56
  4. Welcome to the City 15:21
  5. Delays and Disappointments 12:57
  6. Wharf Rats 13:43
  7. A New Friend 13:19
  8. The River Duchess 17:44
  9. Caught! 12:29
  10. The Chase is On! 13:14
  11. Missing! 11:12
  12. A Frantic Search 12:41
  13. An Impossible Demand 12:29
  14. Jem’s Daring Plan 11:07
  15. Stowaway 15:46
  16. Hide and Seek 10:55
  17. Disaster 13:27
  18. Delivered 16:46
  19. Historical Note 3:42


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