Goldtown Adventures Canyon of Danger

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Classical Conversations Program(s): Foundations, Scribblers

Correlating Cycle(s): 2

As “man of the family” for the week, Jem must figure out what happened to their family’s stolen horse and rifle before his father returns home to Goldtown. When Pa is out of town, Jem takes over, but trouble breaks out all over! First a wolf, then a stranger, then a search for a missing horse and rifle, then a canyon chase and flood, then… well, you’ll just have to listen to this exciting continuation of the Goldtown Adventure series by Susan Marlow!

Canyon of Danger Chapter Titles and Times
1. Man of the Family 14:37
2. Wolf? 15:36
3. Helping Hands 11:58
4. Trouble 16:45
5. Missing, Presumed Stolen 12:44
6. A Long Walk Home 16:24
7. More Bad News 14:04
8. Sunday Morning 10:48
9. Searching for Answers 12:03
10. A Clue in the Dust 11:41
11. Pony Express Rider 13:16
12. Hot on the Trail 12:39
13. Betrayal 12:26
14. On Their Own 12:05
15. Blackwater Canyon 13:30
16. Twists and Turns 13:37
17. Distant Rumblings 12:46
18. Night Dangers 9:38
19. Surprises 13:01
20. Historical Note 3:36
21. About the Author :14

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