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Classical Conversations Program(s): Foundations, Scribblers

Correlating Cycle(s): 1

The years 1400-1403 were among the most stirring in the history of England. Owen Glendower, angered by the usurpation of the English throne by Henry IV, carried fire and slaughter to the Welsh counties, capturing most of the strong places held by the English, and foiling three invasions led by the king himself. A coalition under the English Percy, Welshmen Glendower and Mortimer, and Scotsman Douglas, tried to combine forces to unseat Henry, but were themselves defeated at the battle of Shrewsbury. The continual state of unrest and warfare on “both sides of the border” are full of stirring adventures for our hero, Oswald Forster.

Chapter titles:
1. A Border Hold
2. Across the Border
3. At Alnwick
4. An Unequal Joust
5. A Mission
6. At Dunbar
7. Back to Hotspur
8. Ludlow Castle
9. The Welsh Rising
10. A Breach of Duty
11. Bad News
12. A Dangerous Mission
13. Escape
14. In Hiding
15. Another Mission to Ludlow
16. A Letter for the King
17. Knighted
18. Glendower
19. The Battle of Homildon Hill
20. The Percys’ Discontent
21. Shrewsbury
Total Listening Time: 12 Hours 6 Minutes

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