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Do-It-Yourself Memory Work Flashcards (PDF file format)
This download is an economical alternative to purchasing the pre-made memory work flash cards. Create your own cards using this downloadable file and save a few dollars! Use for individual review, instant jeopardy-style review for home or class, and more.


Downloadable PDF

Download this file from your final confirmation page once you have completed your order. A BLUE DOWNLOAD button will be located under the pdf product name on your confirmation page.
Preformatted page with business-card size layout and memory work in black text.

Includes: 24 weeks of all of CC’s Cycle 2 Memory work: history, science, math, English grammar, Latin, geography locations, and as a bonus, the four weeks of U.S. presidents are included.

Each section has the cycle, subject, and week on it for easy mixing and resorting. Each section is designed with CC’s new “prompting system” on the front with the answer (memory work) on the back.

At-Home printing tips:
Use colorful, weighted paper or cardstock.Laminate cards for better preservation and reuse.

Please note Customer Service does not support printing questions or how to best format your home printer to print these flashcards. Only purchase this download if you are comfortable creating flashcards at home on your printer.

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