Foundations Curriculum, Fifth Edition

Foundations Curriculum, Fifth Edition


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The Fifth Edition is here, and it’s better than ever!

“I really like the updated look! I love that there is actual room to take notes and tips!!”

“Overall, this is a fantastic guide and I am excited to be able to use it when it is released.”

–Participants in a 2017 pilot program


K4-6th grade; used by Classical Conversations communities in Fnds.


Parental involvement needed


None required; for more about our educational philosophy, we recommend The Core: Teaching Your Child the Fnds. of a Classical Education.

Ease of Use

Cover is laminated for durability


Leigh Bortins

Page Count


Spiral bound, softcover, portrait orientation

Publication Date

Fifth edition, 2018

General Description

This is the core resource of our Fnds. program. Besides containing helpful information for families just beginning the homeschool journey, the curriculum includes week-by-week, subject-by-subject outlines for all memory work in each cycle, including maps for geography, related science activities, fine arts activities, and presentation guidelines.

You’ll enjoy

  • Plenty of white space for jotting down ideas and memories
  • Integration of the newest tool for grammar studies, the Five Core Habits™
  • “Take Two” tips to tailor based on your child's age and experience
  • Clearer, more accurate memory work
  • Cleaner, simpler fine arts instruction

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